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Nationwide Fire and Flood Restoration Services

Fire and Flood Restoration Services

.Are you in need of a flood and fire restoration is a specialist property repairs company? MMS Contracting predominantly deal with incidents including flooding or an escape of water in the home or business premises. Most building contractors have qualifications recognised within the building restoration industry. All Fire and Flood Restoration specialists have extensive experience in dealing with this type of property damage.

Nationwide Building Contractor Network

As well as being highly proficient when confronted with a flood damaged home MMS contractors excel when dealing with fire damaged properties. Fire damage repair is very complicated to deal with. This is because it can cause many types of hazardous implications to your property. Whether it is a small amount of smoke damage or your home’s full structure damaged, MMS can help. Every situation demands full professionalism and attention due to potential underlining risks that may occur soon after.

Fire and Flood Damage Repair Specialists Are Only A Call Away

From your initial call one of our Call centre, they will have a specialist contractor on site to help. MMS help to carry out any immediate works and to irradiate any further damage happening. Once the site is secure and boarded up by a member of the MMS Contracting team, they will then go ahead with restoring your property.

Fire and Flood Claims Help Service

One of the many great things about this fire and flood restoration company is that they have the ability to put you in contact with some of the UK’s leading insurance claims management providers who will liaise with you to make sure the whole restoration and insurance process is dealt with in the most efficient and quickest time possible.

If you would like to find out more on how we can benefit you through your fire restoration process please visit the MMS Contracting Website. There you will find numerous pages dedicated to each individual service we can provide. To speak to one of their professional claims and restoration assistants then contact 08000 433 999.…

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How to Spot the Signs of Subsidence

The downwards movement of your property foundations is known as subsidence. Just like the upwards movement of your foundations called heave but less common, both can cause serious damage to your property. How do you spot the signs of subsidence and heave?

Subsidence can be caused by several different factors. For example, moisture content within soil and clay can be drastically reduced during long dry spells during the summer. Trees and other plants can absorb any remaining water content resulting in the shrinkage of the ground.

Another problem that can cause subsidence can be due to damaged drainage. If the drains around your property are leaking, they can in turn, wash away the ground beneath your property. Even more so if the ground contains a high level of gravel or sand content within the soil.

Look Around Your Home for Cracks

At the first sign of a crack you should not immediately be panicking that your property is suffering from subsidence. It is pretty common to discover fine cracks on plastered walls in new builds. This is due to the building bedding in and settling on its own weight.

However, if you discover diagonal cracks that are wider toward the top end then this could be one of the signs of subsidence. Generally, if the cracks are thinner than the side of a 10 pence piece, or 3mm thick then there is usually nothing to worry about.

Windows, Doors and Home Extensions

Another sign that your property is suffering from subsidence damage would be by checking your doors and windows. Due to the distortion of your building the windows may become hard to open or close. You may even notice cracks appearing around the door or window frames.

If you have had your home extended with a conservatory, if your property is affected by subsidence, large gaps may have appeared at the point of where it joins your property.

What Can I Do About the Signs of Subsidence?

How to identify the signs of subsidenceLuckily enough, most building insurance policies will cover any damage caused due to subsidence. The only problem with this is that most policies do not cover the root cause of the problem. Which can be a concern if the problem was to reoccur.

If you require, there is help out there should your property become damaged by subsidence. Property Defects are a nationwide group of building experts, claims managers, chartered surveyors, solicitors and loss adjusters.

As a group, they have the experience of managing many insurance claims due to subsidence damage. Working on your behalf, they will negotiate with your insurers or in the case of newly built properties, the providers any insurance backed guarantee. Property Defects also utilise a vast network of experienced building contractors who can also repair your subsidence damaged property too.

If you believe your home is showing subsidence signs please visit this website to find out how they can help.…

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Loss Adjusters and Assessors

Public Loss Adjusters

If you have suffered from a fire, flood or impact damage to your property, there is help available. It can seem daunting to deal with an insurance claim, but you do not have to go through the process alone – Public Loss Adjusters can help you when you need to get your full entitlement at the end of your insurance claims settlement.

When your insurer’s loss adjuster performs a survey of your property, they will often overlook important signs of damage that are not immediately obvious. This includes walls damaged by water or smoke, which can only be detected by thermal imaging and careful examination of the affected areas.

loss adjusterWhen these details are overlooked, this means that your pay out on your claim is not high enough to cover the cost of repairs, and you may be left with further problems down the line when you are unable to reopen your claim. This is why Public Loss Adjusters identify the damage while the claim is open – allowing you to gain your full entitlement.

It is unfortunately not well known that when you submit an insurance claim, you have the right to appoint your own loss adjuster instead of using the one provided by the insurer. By using Public Loss Adjusters, your interests are put first when your claim is being assessed by their independent loss adjusters.

Public Loss Adjusters also ensure that your claim has been dealt with fully before it is settled and closed, so you do not miss out on any of the sum that you are entitled to. In addition, they will manage your claim for you – this allows you to take a hands off approach while you get back to what is important in your life.

To find out more about the service a loss adjuster can offer to you, visit for more information.…

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